Cherries: The perfect solution to hydration

Posted by Romina. 23rd June 2017

 3 Reasons why Cherries in this hot weather are the ideal solution for beating the heat and supporting your health 

Adequate hydration  is always important, but with summer's heat upon us, it becomes especially important to avoid dehydration, which can impair the function of vital organs, such as the heart. Dehydration can cause headaches, muscle cramps, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and other unpleasant symptoms.Sweet or tart, they are lovely and delicious, as well as high in antioxidants, beta carotene, and fiber.

High in vitamins and Minerals: Not only are they delicious to eat, it turns out that there are plenty of health benefits to snacking on a handful of cherries. Tart cherries are even higher in antioxidants than blueberries. All forms of cherries - fresh, dried, and frozen, as well as cherry juice - are beneficial. Cherries have been shown to lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar and insulin, and help slow the aging process. They are also fat-free, low in calories and sodium, and high in potassium, Vitamin C, and B-complex vitamins.

Supporting brain function: Want to keep your brain in top top shape? Eat cherries -  Studies have shown that cherries can even reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and Huntington's disease.

Beat Inflammation: Tart cherries contain two powerful compounds, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids. A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition  found that cherry intake reduces several biomarkers associated with chronic inflammatory diseases. According to the journal, cherry juice can also ease joint inflammation for people who suffer from arthritis and gout.